Sunday, May 25, 2008

Kick off post

Fresh from a family weekend in the east of the Netherlands, I decided to start sharing some 
thoughts and experiences with you. Just a first short personal kickoff post for now. See how this works out. The idea is to start sharing work related stuff, like building community sites, promoting webservices, new marketing and communication principals. At the same time get to know a bit about the person behind the rationale.

Today was a sweet day, mothers birthday, brothers and girlfriends all there, a good film at our own private outdoor theatre. Sleeping in a sort of spacecraft sort of cockpit waking up in a hot tub while getting footmassaged by my girlfriend. After a good breakfast got leopard installed on my macbook, which runs all smooth now. All Viewbook files arranged ready to rock it into the next decade. If your weekend was shit, you might already hate me after reading this, but he, I promise you this blog won't be all about sunshine. You will get to read some of the dirt that hits me on the way, don't you worry. 

Time to hit the sack, tomorrow early kickstart the week with the people at the agency



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