Monday, June 2, 2008

PR 2.0

Stumbled upon a long post on Techcrunch about new approaches to PR for web startups. The post itself seems to offers some pretty wide open doors, but in the comments there's a funny discussion evolving.

Myself I believe in the holy tryology to get media coverage
1. Good story
2. Ability to build and maintain relations with writers and media
3. Level with your relations and help them out with your story

The art I guess is obviously to make up and write a good story that is backed up by the product or company that you are promoting. A good story triggers imagination, emotion, a bit of dramatizing usually helps with that. Importante to keep things in perspective and get the right message across.

And that should be just one asset of our integrated PR programs. Support the cultures that we aim at and let that speak for itself, plant seeds by sponsoring people, start and participate in discussions on social networks, to name some activities that I think that should be at least on our lists. These activities will give something to write and inform our friends at the newspaper about.

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