Friday, October 29, 2010

Around the world in my desk chair

After viewing hundreds of photo series in one day, my head tends to spin. It gives me the feeling I’ve traveled the world in a day, a bit like a jet lag but then only in my head. We are in the process of pre-screening last month’s 751 submissions for the Viewbook PhotoStory 2010 contest.

It’s very different viewing and screening stories build up of series of images, as opposed to single images. The extra dimension that series of images have, results in an exponentially growing diversity of idea’s, angles and concepts, which are more often discovered between the images than in the images itself. It requires deep concentration and an unprejudiced mind to perceive. Sometimes it’s difficult to empathize with truths of other cultures, where religion, humor and value’s are so very different to our Western culture. I must say I love this work. It makes me fly of my desk chair and wonder away into realistic and made up realities, I discover phenomena, places, cultures and personal views from all around the world.

All pre-screened stories have just been published on the contest site and the public voting started today. Vote and stay tuned at

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